High-performance Computing

To keep up with the pace of today's innovation, your technology needs to handle the most demanding HPC workloads and scale to support the biggest challenges.

Workload Orchestration

You need to make sure your organization is getting the most out of its HPC resources, and you need workload orchestration tools that are easy to use and manage.

Altair PBS Works™ is a comprehensive workload management suite for clusters, for supercomputers, and in the cloud.

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Remote Visualization

Remote visualization eliminates the challenges of data movement and management when working with large data sets. Altair Access™ lets you remotely visualize and interact with your data and applications, even across networks with challenging latencies.

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Ready for Exascale

With the advent of the exascale era, tools that scale, run on next-generation systems, and support increasingly complex HPC requirements in areas like machine learning, deep learning, and multiphysics are more critical than ever.

We're helping shape the US exascale ecosystem as a member of the DOE’s Exascale Computing Project (ECP) Industry Council.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

AI and machine learning are a large part of today’s technology landscape, and they’re being used to solve real-world problems. Organizations are in varying stages of applying AI and ML solutions, with many already making a significant impact on business, discovery, and innovation. Workload orchestration is key for a smoothly running process.

It’s a reciprocal relationship. HPC solutions are improving machine learning, and machine learning is improving HPC solutions.

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Green Computing

Altair is a pioneer in energy efficient computing — from our first Green Provisioning™ solution to custom power management capabilities with leading hardware providers. As HPC grows larger and more complex, conserving energy and minimizing operating costs is more important than ever.


Nobody beats Altair for secure HPC workload management, including EAL3+ and Red Hat SELinux support.

Lockheed Martin worked with Altair to deploy a cross-domain security version of Altair PBS Professional™ for Red Hat Enterprise Linux that enables the use of a single system by users at multiple security levels.

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HPC in the Cloud

Altair enables HPC in the cloud by giving users a single-pane-of-glass interface to the entire engineering and simulation lifecycle.

  • Easy access anywhere
  • Remote visualization
  • Convenient collaboration
  • Secure workload management

Altair Cloud Solutions

Big Data

Today's organizations typically store mountains of data, which means routinely analyzing massive files and million-file data sets — and doing it fast and within budget.

Altair enables organizations to work efficiently with big data in HPC environments so your data can enable high performance, not be a barrier to achieving it.

GPU Acceleration

Boost your HPC workload performance with the power of GPUs.

By exploiting the massive parallelism in GPUs, users can run applications substantially faster than they could on a CPU-only system — especially data-intensive science and analytics applications and workloads like machine learning and autonomous vehicle design.

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