Enterprise Computing

Your organization needs to make the most of limited computing resources. Altair solutions help you manage, optimize, and get value from your hardware and software.

IT Analytics

IT admins are under pressure to deliver the latest hardware and software solutions users need, on time and on budget, and the demands placed on HPC resource management have grown beyond basic job reporting. Measuring system utilization, software license usage, user trends, and other details — with the ability to easily access and analyze that data — is critical for optimizing asset usage and making decisions about future investments.

Altair PBS Works™ offers the solutions organizations need to measure and analyze utilization of IT assets, from software license utilization to hardware- and user-based utilization trends.

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Software Asset Optimization

Managing software assets can be difficult for many reasons, from increasing license complexity and quickly changing pricing models to inadequate software tools. Altair’s SAO solution addresses these challenges by enabling visualization and analysis of global software inventories and utilization rates across facilities, divisions, departments, projects, and users.

With Altair SAO, organizations have the information they need to understand what software is being used, how frequently, and by whom — all keys to effective license management.

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System Analytics & Reporting

Enterprise-level companies need data analytics capabilities that give decision-makers the vital information they need to make data-driven business choices.

Altair Control™ allows organizations to measure and report on how limited and costly hardware and software resources are being used.

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Real-time License Monitoring & Management

Managing software licenses, especially across large, geographically distributed organizations, can be a challenge.

Our Altair Monitor™ license tracking tool lets users and administrators get real-time insight into software license availability, usage, job status, and more. Monitor uses current and historical data to help optimize license spending and utilization for organizations of any size — including large, multisite environments.

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