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Altair’s mature partner ecosystem is the foundation of our open-systems philosophy to maximize the performance, interoperability and reliability of our products in any environment.

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 PartnerType Partner ProductsRegion
ABAQUS (Simulia) HW Integration, PBS IntegrationHyperWorks, PBSGlobal
Accelrys PBS IntegrationPBSGlobal
Acer PBS Reseller, PBS Integration, PBS Implementation, TechnologyPBSGlobal
Acusim Software HW Integration, PBS IntegrationHyperWorks, PBSGlobal
AKFH PBS Reseller, PBS Integration, PBS ImplementationPBSGlobal
Ansys HW Integration, PBS IntegrationHyperWorks, PBSGlobal
Ansys - Fluent HW Integration, PBS IntegrationHyperWorks, PBSGlobal
Appro PBS IntegrationPBSGlobal
Beta-CAE HW IntegrationHyperWorksGlobal
CacheSoftware PBS IntegrationPBSGlobal
CCDC PBS IntegrationPBSGlobal
Colfax PBS IntegrationPBSGlobal
Computer Modeling Group Ltd. (CMG) PBS Integration, PBS ImplementationPBS 
cosin scientific software HW IntegrationHyperWorksGlobal
Engineous PBS IntegrationHyperWorks, PBSGlobal
ESI Group HW Integration, PBS IntegrationHyperWorks, PBSGlobal
eXludus Technologies, Inc PBS IntegrationPBSGlobal
Exxact Corporation PBS Integration, PBS ImplementationPBSGlobal
First Technology Safety Systems HW IntegrationHyperWorksGlobal
FluiDyna HW Integration, Partner AllianceHyperWorksGlobal
Interactive SuperComputing PBS IntegrationPBSGlobal
INTES HW Integration, HW ImplementationHyperWorksGlobal
LG N-sys PBS IntegrationPBSKorea
LSTC HW IntegrationHyperWorks, PBSGlobal
Mathworks PBS IntegrationPBSGlobal
Moldflow Corporation HW IntegrationHyperWorksGlobal
MSC HW IntegrationHyperWorksGlobal
Open Eye Scientific PBS IntegrationPBSGlobal
Open IT PBS IntegrationPBSGlobal
Paradigm PBS Integration, PBS ImplementationPBS 
Phoenix Integration HW Implementation, PBS IntegrationPBSGlobal
PTC HW IntegrationHyperWorksGlobal
Rock Flow Dynamics PBS Integration, PBS ImplementationPBS 
Safe Technology HW Integration, HW ImplementationHyperWorksGlobal
Schlaumberger PBS IntegrationPBSGlobal
Scitegic PBS IntegrationPBSGlobal
Siemens HW IntegrationHyperWorks, PBS, Product DesignGlobal
Siemens PLM -NX-Nastran, IDEAS HW IntegrationHyperWorksGlobal
StackIQ PBS Reseller, PBS IntegrationPBSGlobal
StarCD HW IntegrationHyperWorks, PBSGlobal
Sun Microsystems HW Integration, TechnologyHyperWorksUSA
TECAPRO PBS IntegrationPBSVietnam
TotalView Technologies PBS IntegrationPBSGlobal
Voltaire PBS Integration, TechnologyPBSGlobal
Wolfram Research PBS IntegrationPBSGlobal

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